"Don't walk in front of me and be my leader, don't walk behind me and be my follower, but walk beside me and be my Sister."

The sisters of Alpha Phi are always there to support one another, through thick and thin, for the duration of college and beyond.  The Beta Rho chapter values sisterhood as a constant in the ever-changing lives of our sisters, something that each and every one of our members can depend on.  Whether it's a fun night out on campus, frosting cookies with fraternities, or having a movie night in the living room, the sisters of Alpha Phi can always be found together.

Alpha Phi would not be complete without sisterhood events, like road trips, spring break getaways, pledge class retreats, and even a run to Baskin Robins for "Dollar Scoop Tuesday" as a study break are just some of the many activities that our sisters enjoy! Our chapter also ensures that each sister will be taken care of with our Big/Little system. Each sister receives a "big" sister in the house, therefore making her the "little sister". The bonds that are created between big and little last a lifetime.

Our chapter is a group of girls that watch out for each other, enrich each other's lives, and make college and the years after so much better. Alpha Phi is all about sisterhood, true friendships, and a network of lifelong friends.