"Letters today. Leaders tomorrow."

The women of Alpha Phi strive for excellence in academics. The standard grade point average for our chapter is for each member to maintain a 2.8 or above, which is one of the highest standards in the Greek community. Any woman in Alpha Phi who does not meet our grade standard is not to panic! Because we are sisters, we are there to pick each other up when a sister needs help. The scholarship chair will work with the sister by locating tutors for her and assign study hours to help get her back on track!

Here at Alpha Phi, we make sure we keep scholarship fun! At the top of the stairs, Alpha Phi has a "Brag Board" to post up papers, quizzes, and tests where sisters can post their top grades in classes! During our weekly meetings, we send around "The Skippy Jar" which sisters can enter their names in if they attended all of their classes that week. A weekly winner is drawn and is rewarded with a gift card to Nordstrom or Starbucks. And what woman doesn't love an excuse to shop?!

Throughout the year, our chapter works hard to give those above a 2.8 grade point average rewards. These include on the house movie tickets, a surprise free Alpha Phi t-shirt, and if above a 3.5 grade point average sisters receive "Smarty Pants" which are sweatpants or shorts.

Our sisters not only gain knowledge from academics that Washington State offers, but also from learning together through the hectic and fabulous years that college offers!

A special congratulations to our sister, Amanda Spalding, winning 2011-2012 ASWSU Vice President! We are so proud of your accomplishments!