"Friends Change. Lovers Leave. Sisters are Eternal."

Here at Alpha Phi, recruitment is one of the most exciting times for us! Last year we received a great group of new sisters who exemplified everything an Alpha Phi should be: classy, fabulous, outgoing, friendly and most of all bundles of fun!

Our sisters can't wait for Recruitment 2013 and to meet our precious new Phi-Babies! Know that when you join Alpha Phi, you are joining a lifetime supply of friendship, unconditional love and everlasting sisterhood!

Recruitment Schedule:

• Tuesday Aug. 14th - 1st pan day
• Wed Aug. 15th - 2nd pan day
• Thursday Aug. 16th. - Philanthropy day
• Friday Aug. 17th - House Tour Day
• Saturday Aug. 18th- Preference Day
• Sunday Aug. 19th - BID DAY!

If you are an alumni and would like to send us a recommendation, please CLICK HERE
VP of Recruitment 
Director of Formal